Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Abe Lincoln

The assassination of Abraham capital of Nebraska in April 1865 brought Vice electric chair Andrew Johnson into the albumin House. A Tennessee Democrat who served two terms as regulator before being elected to the Senate in 1857, he was an animated Unionist who blamed the slaveholding planter elite for backdown and the Civil War. Johnson was the only southern senator who refused to embrace the Confederacy in 1861. Such credentials help explain why Lincoln invited him to be his running mate in 1864.

The Radical Republicans hoped that President Johnson would embrace their comprehensive effort to reconstruct the defeated sulfur. Johnson overlap their disdain for the former Confederate leaders and for the planter class, yet he also cherished conjures rights and feared any effort to puff up federal authority. He also retained many of the racial prejudices of his native region. White men alone must have it away the South, Johnson told a journalist. Unlike the Radical Republicans, he balked at set freed blacks in control of southern politics.

Like Lincoln, Andrew Johnson hoped that middle-class snow-white southern Unionists, along with repentant ex-Confederates, would take control of restoring the South to the Union.

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He required that the new state constitutional conventions form completelyy abolish thraldom, renounce secession, and void all war debts that the state had incurred. The states then could hold elections and officially return to the Union. By April 1866 all of the southern states had fulfilled these requirements, albeit grudgingly, and had formed new governments. At the similar time, they steadfastly refused to allow blacks to vote. Johnson, however, was dismayed that the new political leaders were more often former Confederates than southern Unionists.

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