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The Weimar Republic In 1924

History report
Germany 1919-1924

page 145
GCSE Modern World History
Ben Walsh


Political Opposition to Weimar

In 1919 the regime had to confront fierce opposition from the left aviate revolutionaries and the Spartacists, led by Karl Leibknecht and Rosa Luxembourg. The Communist revolution became a failure, once Leibknecht and Luxembourg were murdered along with the defeat of the Spartacists, by the Freikorps. These were formed by some anti-Communists ex-soldiers, who had an agreement with Friedrich Ebert, the socialist attracter of the Republic.

By May 1919, Ebert had no choice but to condense the pact of Versailles, once the Kaiser, had fled to Holland once Germany had lost the war. The signing of this agreement brought Germany the loss of:

10% of its land;

all of its overseas colonies (including Southwest Africa, Tanganyika, Dahomey, Togo and others);

12.5% of its population;

16% of its coal and 48% of its iron industry;

its air force, season its navy was reduced and forces reduced to 100 000;

plus Germany had to accept blame for beginning the war and was forced to pay reparations.

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In March 1920 the Kapp putsch in Berlin, which involved soldiers who had left the army because of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, was defeated by a series of strikes organised by workers and the general people. Politicians had appealed to the workers because they realised they would not be saved by the army. Wolfgang Kapp, after realising he was going to fail, essay to flee the area but was hunted down and died in the process while waiting for his trial. Kapps followers were however let loose, by the judges and courts, and unpunished.

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