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Timbuktu is located in West Africa where the Niger River flows northward in the Sahara Desert. Because of Timbuktus location, it became and important port where goods from North and South Africa were traded. By the twelfth century, Timbuktu became a center of Islamic learning and commercial establishment. The several(a) economy of Timbuktu greatly impressed Mansa Musa.

Timbuktu was discovered in 1100 A.D. about a small oasis. Mansa Musa took power over Timbuktu in 1325 A.D. Power shifted too Songhai in 1468 A.D. Askia Muhammad took power over Timbuktu in 1492 A.D. In 1591 A.D. Timbuktus golden age was finalized by the Moroccans Army. Timbuktu entered an all-encompassing era of reject.

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is an ancient city that employ to be the capital of the kingdom of Zimbabwe. The city was deserted and destroy by Europeans. The ruins at Great Zimbabwe were some of the largest and oldest structures in grey Africa. The ruins that survived were built entirely out of stone.

The ruins created three distant architectural (of or pertaining to architectural) groups. They are known as Hill Complex, the valley Complex, and the Great Enclosure. The Hill Complex is the oldest ruin.

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(Hill Complex)

Mansa Mula

Mansa Mula was a devout Muslim and his pilgrimage to Mecca made him popular. Mansa Musa began his pilgrimage in 1324 A.D. In the caravan were 60,000 men, 12,000 slaves, heralds dressed I silks who held gold staffs, neat horses, and handled bags. include were eighty camels which carried 300 pounds of gold.

Mansa Musas trek was seen by several people who were shocked by Mansas wealthiness and belongings. He was recognized to have visited with the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad. Additionally, when Musa returned to Mecca, he also brought back many Arabian scholars.

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