Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Civil War South

The southmosts position during the Civil War was larger-than-life in the fact that their lively hood was at stake. The loss between their economy, society, and rights split the nation in half, and war was the purpose to resolve the problem. However the conjugation ends with the victory, but what pieces would drop to surrender into place for the sulfur to win this war. The three scenarios for the South to peradventure win could happen if they received support from Europe, wait until the North was tired of war, or win an important battle that could scourge the Norths chances to win. Gaining ground on the North by victories and st tout ensembleing were the best chances for Southerners since the time and persuasion to have contradictory help was out of reach, but in the end misfortune was inevitable.
The idea that Britain and France would join the Civil War and aid the South was farfetched. The South thought their cotton trading ties could control Britain and Frances decision. The Souths plan was to cut the supply of cotton to France and Britain, hoping this would cause them to join or risk losing their trade connections. This terminate to be untrue because these European countries also had ties with Egypt and India that could supply them with all the cotton that they could want.

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Another reason for them not to enter was Britain and France recognise that the South was the losing side. With the earlier experience that Britain and France had with the U.S it would be obvious for them to be hesitant on their decision. The South just didnt have the resources to convince them they had the power to win. Entering would cost them more than what could be gained. What would Britain or France gain out of this war even if the South ended up winning? Lastly Europe was against thrall and didnt want any association with slavery. Therefore it would bring about more sense for Britain and France to join the North in regards to capital of Nebraskas Emancipation Proclamations.
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