Sunday, 31 March 2013

Development of Sociology

Sociology weeks 1, 2, 3

Sociology verses Common Sense
Sociology as a Science
The Sociological Imagination
How do Sociologists Study ?
What do Sociologists study?

The Sociological Question?

How do we shape night club? Social Actions (proactive) (Qualative)

How does Society shape us? Social Systems (reactive) (Quantative)

The Development of Sociological thinking.

Systematic Study of Society is a relatively recent development, whose beginnings date back to previous(a) 1700s and early 1800s.
Sweeping changes came with the French Revolution and the mid(prenominal) 18th century European industrial Revolution. Science replaced religion. The ensnare of society changed.
The ending of traditional ways of life make rapid changes to Society and Scholars were able to reflect and develop brand-new theories about the genial and natural world.
The name sociology was coined by Auguste Compte.
It has been a academic subject since 1960s studied in the UK.

little sociology - everyday behaviour in Face to face situations - important basis of piddles of social interaction
Macro sociology - institutional background of casual life (large social systems.

The Key Sociological Perspectives.

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Post Modernism
symbolical Interactionism
Marxist Sociology

Study of social groups - involving the idea of culture
How group memberships form us and how we shape the behaviour of others.
Study of social order
The enquiry of how potentially chaotic individualism is shaped by our social relationships in society.

Social Actions

Socialistic, qualative approach. Observation based. High validity of feel information. Subjective. Personal choices.

Social Systems

Naturalistic, Quantative approach. Surveys and questionnaires. Experiments to avoid personal bias. Reliable and objective. No free will.
What Sociology studies and how it studies it.

* Study of humans in groups - Society - community are variable*
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