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Why Did Britain Go To War In 1914?

Why did Britain go to state of war in 1914?
Whereas valet war two the cause was straightforward, the causes of the commodious state of war sport been moot, and a general consensus amongst historians has been agreed. It is said that the assassination on Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the catalysts of serial of event that led up to full- ordered series war.
The Great War essentially started on the 28th July 1914, with Austria declaring war on Serbia, yet it was not until the 1st August (Historyonthenet, 2008) where the war escalated with the German solution of war on Russia. It was not until the 4th August, where the British announcement of war was announced. Why Britain joined the Great War is debatable and historians have come up with numerous reasons such as the threat of Germany, due to public opinion and was it over the impingement of Belgium? Each of these reasons and more I will discuss in the following paragraphs.
moreover the impending threat of Germany was seen to be a reason for Britain going to war. According to Ferro in his book The Great War he suggests that England felt threatened by Germany due to the curious economic strides the country made mingled with 1880 and 1914, although Germany did not have a financial base on the same scale as Britains economic power.

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In addition Germanys rising industrial base had overtaken Britains, although Germany did have trading routes and links around the world as Britain had. Ferro goes on and talks about the rising pack together of the German naval force with the building of their version of the super-ship the Dreadnoughts. Furthermore Anglo-German rivalry became a public matter, orchestrated and fomented by press and cinema (Ferro, 1969).
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