Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Abbasids

What was the importance of Baghdad in the Abbasid period in the nurture of Muslim culture?

The beginning of the Abbasid period- the revolution
The Abbasid was a dynasty of caliphs who ruled the caliphate of Islam from 750 until 1258.
The Umayyads who were descended from Umayya and a clan separate from Mohammeds in the Quraish tribe, were overthrown by a combination of Shiite, Arab and Non-Arab Muslims dissatisfied with the Umayyad regime. The rebels were led by the Abbasid family, descendants of the prophet Mohammeds uncle Abbas ibn Abd-Al-Muttalib (566-662) who were the true successor of Mohammed as opposed to the Umayyads and called the goddam dynasty.
The Abbasid dynasty came to power as the third of the Islamic caliphates through a religiously and politically motivated movement on the River Zab, southwest of Mosul in northern Iraq, in February 750. Economic, political and social grievances, such for example like high taxation, discrimination of Non-Arabs and an unfair administration has led to the Umayyads collapse, whose seat of the Caliphate was in Damascus, and the Abbasids rise of power.
The Abbasids won the rise of the Shiite Muslims against the Umayyad rule by temporarily converting to Shia Islam.

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But as curtly as the Abbasids managed to gain the power they embraced the Sunni Islam and disavowed any support for the Shia beliefs which contain to many conflicts.
The Abbasid era saw the full integration of new converts, both Arab and Non-Arab into the Islamic community. It is of the essence(predicate) to keep in reason that the Abbasids gained power not only because of the Shiite Muslims support, mainly because of the support by the malawis, too, who were described as second class citizens and since according to superior general Umayyad policy, new converts were not fairly treated because they were not Arabs. Their appeals for counterchange and equality in Muslim society were important aspirations. It is important to mention that the malawis became so powerful and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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