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Key question 9

Part A
a) The purpose of this text is to deport the reasons for the controversy over whether the mass bomb raids on Germany were a good thing.

b) The passage informs us that the plan was to force Germany to deport by destroying its cities and industries to lower civil morale and to fall Germanys ability to finance and engage in the war. It withal advances that although 600,000 Germans were killed and over five million were go away home slight, the Germans continued to rubbish in the war with very little impact on their effectiveness.

c) The words vast destruction and heavy loss of vivification is a generalization. Although the text gives numbers in the final denounce they are not exact numbers.

d) The enounce pulsate civilian morale is emotionally charged as it sounds very strong, angered and implies that the superior of the two opponents would be the one that could crush the other.
The phrase vast destruction and heavy loss of life creates images in my head of total devastation. Instead of stating the number of houses that were destroyed they state that over 5 million Germans were left homeless which creates a much bleaker picture.

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e) Canadian soldiers may have been offended by this text as the final sentence implies that many lives were addled and many people left homeless that yet the polish was not accomplished and Germanys efforts in the war were not reduced to any great extent.

f) I believe that the museum should assortment the text to communicate the fact in a less emotionally charged way, avoiding emotional words like crush, vast destruction and homeless. The same information could be presented in a more unemotional and detached way. If left the way it was it insults Canadian war veterans and should be changed out of compliance for them.

Part B
a) Three ideas that remain the same in twain versions are:
* The mass bombings are controversial
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