Friday, 29 March 2013

What I Think Caused The War

Until now there is no definite factor to what skill have triggered most of the European countries to go into war. There were so many factors that may have played a constituent in causing the First knowledge base War or the Great War as its also cognise as. One thing that we can establish is they all had an self-importance and were very competitive. If there was to be a country that was more(prenominal) successful than theirs, they would have make sure they did everything in their originator to come out on top and this would often hold more tension between the countries. These were the kinds of factors that eventually sparked the First World War.

In my opinion there were tierce factors that stands up among the rest as the probable cause for the war. The three factors in my opinion are The Balkans, Morocco between 1905 and 1911 and the coalescences; the trey Alliance ( create in 1882) and The Triple Entente (formed in 1907). In the red corner you have the Triple Alliance which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, in the sinister corner you have the Triple Entente which consisted Great Britain, Russia and France, this Alliances spelled contingency to what was going to be the bloodiest showdown between the two countries. The Alliances that these countries had was the important cause of the First World War in my opinion.

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It had made all the countries that were in alliances confident enough to go into war, this had created a give out of tension between all the European countries. If the Triple Entente or the Triple Alliance was not formed; no doubt there would be a gauzy war between Serbia and Austria but it would not be as bloody as the First World War. Most countries gnarled in the First World War were just battle because of their ego, to show their power and to maintain their reputation around Europe.

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