Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Enemy Below Report

The Enemy Below report

The Enemy Below is a choose about a US Destroyer who finds a German U-boat with its radar. The film is from the point of view of twain the Germans and the Americans, credibly due to the influence of the mothy War. The film has a share of detailed costumes and sets, with a few inaccuracies. A lot of fret has also been put into the characterisation of people on both sides of the participation. The film is a useful source for some reasons, unless not for others.

The film was made in 1957 in the USA, during the Cold War. It was directed by Dick Powell and it stars Robert Mitchum and Curt Jürgens. It was produced by 20th Century Fox.

In the years following 1941, the US Destroyer Haynes is sailing alone on the Atlantic, commanded by lord Murrell. It picks something up on its radar. They are unsure what it is, exactly they laughable it is a U-boat. Down below the institutionalise, the U-boat detects the Haynes. The leader of the U-boat, Kapitän von Stolberg, decides to launch a gas at the ship. Captain Murrell predicts that the victor of the U-boat will do so and then Murrell turns the ship just sooner the time he calculated the torpedo to hit. They narrowly miss the attack and they see the torpedoes whiz onetime(prenominal) the ship.

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The Americans then shake off a series of depth charges, but to no avail. The battle is becoming much a battle of wits than a battle of strength. The U-boat then drops to a very deep depth and on every hour, the Americans drop depth charges, until finally, they hit it. Kapitän von Stolberg chooses to fire four torpedoes at the Destroyer, so they are more likely to hit it. 1 of the hits the ship and Captain Murrell orders his men to abandon ship. Just before they do, he orders the crew to retrieve all of the mattresses on the ship, tot them onto the deck and light them on fire. This makes the ship look more damaged than it is and the Germans are tricked into surfacing.

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