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CRM 110 notes-

Origin of American mashs

In enlgish woos, foot race was seen as a game
-They were played in established public places in accordance with a set of agreed upon rules
- They were judged by referees and judges

compound courtyards
* early colonial courts were modest, such as being held in open meadows
* as the population grew, formal courts of righteousness began pop out
* the mass bay colony cosmopolitan court acted as the legislature and the highest court
* court of appeal comes from colonial time when you were trialed in colonial times and the governor and his council heard you appeal
courts for a new nation
* courts legislature and e express
subject system and federal system began in late 1700s and early 1800s
state courts- four levels of state courts workhorse of the state judiciary

world-class level- trial courts of particular jurisdiction
- they are similar to courts of limited jurisdiction
- they are courts that specialize in certain areas of law such as family courts juvenile courts and probate courts.

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- drug court is a part of specialize courts
2nd level- trial courts of general jurisdiction
* these are the major trial courts at the state level
* they have regular jurisdiction over all cases
tertiary level- intermediate appellate courts
* courts with the power to review a thinker of a trial court examining alleged errors of law
* in the state with no intermediate appellate court, cases are appealed directly to the state supreme court
* some appeals are mandatory
4th level- courts of outlive drop off
* 32 states have one intermediate appellate court and a single court of last resort
* in most states with inter mediate appellate courts, appeals from trial courts will go automatically to the intermediate supreme court
* many cases are never heard
* studies shown that the government is far more successful in keeping the guilty verdict.

GA court geographical
Federal courts
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