Monday, 25 March 2013

Where Art Thou?

In 1937, Ulysses Everett McGill (Clo 1y), Pete Hogwallop (Turturro), and Delmar ODonnell (Nelson) escape from a chain gang at Parchman Farm and machinate out to retrieve the $1.2 million in treasure that Everett claims to have stolen from an armored car and buried forrader his incarceration. They have only four days to stupefy it forward the valley in which it is hidden will be swamp to create Arka besidesla Lake as part of a new hydroelectric project. Early in their escape, while still chained together, they endeavour to jump onto a moving train with some hobos, but fall off due to Petes inability to get on. They past encounter a blind man (Weaver) traveling on a manual railroad car. They hitch a ride, and he foretells their futures. They seek a great fortune and they will find a fortune, though it will not be the one they seek. They will also see many wonders on their journey, including a cow on the roof of a like house.
They walk to Petes cousins house, Wash Hogwallop (Collison), who removes their chains, but, because he needs the money, he then turns them in to the police, led by Sheriff Cooley (von Bargen). The authorities set the barn they are sleeping in ablaze, but the three quickly escapes with the help of Washs son.

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When they pass a congregation on the banks of a river, Pete and Delmar are enticed by the idea of baptism, to the immense mockery of the skeptical Everett. As the journey continues, they travel briefly with a young guitarist named Tommy Johnson (King). When asked why he was at a crossroad in the middle of nowhere, he reveals that he interchange his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to repair the guitar. Tommy describes the devil as being White, as white as you folks ... with empty eyes and a big turn up voice. He love to travel around with a misbegot old hound. This description matches Sheriff Cooley.
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